What is the difference between a ‘company’ and a ‘freelancer’?

Quite a lot you might think.  However, in the Nexus world we have blurred the lines. Yes you can be a Company with 10,000 employees, using Nexus 24 hours a day to run your business, engaging freelancers and contractors and using every little nook and cranny of Nexus.  

Yes, you can be a freelancer who is on Nexus solely managing your profile and looking for a project.


Q: When is a freelancer not a freelancer?
A: When they want to look like a company.

For a small monthly fee, a freelancer can get access to the majority of Nexus features. Therefore allowing them to engage other freelancers – or in other words – operate as a virtual company.

Q: When is a company not a company?
A: When they have spare resource?

If a company has spare resource they can advertise this resource on the Marketplace and get them engaged as a ‘freelancer’. Or in other words they maximize their utilization and hence their revenue.

How secure is Nexus?


Nexus has been created with data security at its core.  As well as regular data backups and audits, we contract one of the world’s leading security firms to regularly attempt to hack our systems to expose all vulnerabilities.  So don’t worry about your competitor having access to your crown jewels – it is not going to happen. 

If you want more technical information, get in touch with your details and we will get back to you privately.

Is Nexus GDPR Compliant?

In the last few years we’ve all heard enough about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to last us a lifetime so we will keep it simple: yes Nexus is GDPR compliant.  By signing up for a Nexus account you give consent for us to process your data. Processing data means we will store it legally and manage it as a part of our service. Sometimes we analyse anonymized data to learn generalized usage patterns: this is never at an individual level. We will never share your data externally. We have no intention of bombarding you with unwanted emails and notifications and you can opt out from marketing messages at any time. Please read our Privacy Policy if you have the stamina.

Will Nexus help with IR35 Legislation?

Nexus helps you work for multiple clients and lets you work remotely. Utilising the information on hand, you will be able to establish whether you are IR35 compliant.

Does Nexus help me get paid faster?

Not really.  We make the whole payment process smooth with automatic invoices and online payments.  However we do not take any payment risk, i.e. we don’t pay you upfront and then try and reclaim it back from the client.  This is still up to you.